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Unique Ohio Wedding Venues

As Photographer I try to get across to my clients that venue is THE MOST IMPORTANT for your wedding photography. If you have no where to do photos and you are not planning on going somewhere for photos there really is only so much that your photographer can do. In Ohio, it really matters. Here are some reason on why your venue matters so much.

1. What is in the background? Are there corn fields and parking lots in every direction? 

2. If you plan on doing photos at different points of the day then you need to consider both sides of the venue. One part of the venue will be in high harsh sun , so you will need the other side to have nice places for photos as well. If not then you will need to plan around the sun.

3. Where is there to get ready? More than half of all venues do not have good spots for the bride and groom to get ready. Windows and natural light are SO important. 


Destination wedding photography opportunities in your back yard of Columbus, Ohio. It feels like you are in a well kept Italian wedding venue secret.





Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus Ohio

Let's travel to the Bahamas. Problem is that is super expensive to have guests go there, but you still crave that tropical paradise. Columbus has you covered. The Palm Room at the Franklin Park Conservatory is one of my FAVORITE wedding venues in Ohio. It is pure magic. Bonus is that it's perfect rain or shine all year because you are inside.