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Presented by Bree Lea Photography

Join a series of Photoshoots that engage in healthy creative competition among local Columbus Models where Instagram votes for their favorite model photograph each round. 

Each round there will be models eliminated, A total of 7 rounds taking place From June to end of August. For each round there will be multiple date/time options for the models to pick from to accommodate for most schedules.

(if model cannot make a shoot, then they will not continue to the following photoshoot)

The model gets their photos for their portfolio for each round that they advance onto, and the winner will get a personalized Studio Session additionally. If selected to participate there will be a one time $50 Fee for each Model.

Networking + Creativity + Exposure

Perfect for the Portfolio

7 Different themes if you make it to the end.


Season 1 brought in thousands of votes each week

Model Database

Participants get added to The Brands by B Model directory list for brand shoot opportunities 

Apply for Season 2 of Columbus Top Model 
Do you agree to the $50 one time entrance fee if selected?

Thanks for Applying. We will be in touch soon!

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