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How does the 2020 couples make my wedding planning different?

You need to plan faster. 


Venues and photographers are the big one. You need to figure out if you do want a wedding in 21 or 22 what date do you want and then lock in your venue as fast as possible. A lot of venues are already booking into 2023 because of how many weddings got rescheduled. THEN lock in the photographer. If a venue is super important to you then you may be forced to pick a different date to be able to have the venue you have dreamed of, so always have your venue before your photographer. 

As a photographer this is the craziest booking season I have ever experienced, in the same week I am seeing brides who still need to reschedule from 2020, people who got engaged over 6 months ago just starting the planning, people engaged this week, and they are all asking about this year, next year, and some for the year even after that. Meaning every vendor that you are going to be booking, from photography to video.. florals.. venue. We can only book so much and most of us all do one couple to a day (me always) so its a huge free for all. So have those conversations. If a vendor is important to you, in the past maybe you could of waited a week, or two after getting their prices and info, or even just seeing them on IG, now dates are going fast. 





2020 has rocked the wedding industry timelines, and thrown out the usual seasons out the window, but what does that mean for the bride to be? 

I have been shooting weddings for 12 years and this is how it USED to be:

Couples who got engaged between thanksgiving-christmas time usually reach out a few weeks after their engagement, have a date set, and a wedding venue picked and booked. These couples usually are either all rushing to get into the upcoming summer, and some in the fall. The couples between Christmas and valentines usually are all aiming for fall. There was always the couple who preferred the longer engagement, but usually that pattern stuck to most engagements. 

BUT then 2020 happened. This affects 2020, 21, and 22 brides! Most couples cancelled their 2020 weddings, rebooking for 2021 and some even as far as 22. 


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